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Do you know that Rs 2 lakh crore worth losses are incurred due to corrosion of steel every year in India? . Hence to resist from this losses we need to maintain the Industry´s by proving it with proper technically recommended Painting system.

Industrial Coatings and Industrial Applications

We are specialized in large-scale industrial painting and industrial applications. It’s been our bread and butter for more than twenty years now, and we’re not about to stop any time soon. That’s why we’re continually making ourselves better each and every step of the way to remain the leader in industrial paint and industrial coating that we’ve become.

Every day this industry is changing and Ashish Enterprise is right there on the bleeding edge of that evolution, exploring new technological innovations and techniques at every opportunity. We invest heavily in both our equipment and employees to ensure we’ve got the latest gear and the knowledge to use it properly and efficiently. Every one of our employees is highly-certified with all the right training and certifications necessary to ensure quality work is produced on-time every time.

Epoxy Coating

Air dry epoxy coatings are self-priming, high gloss, corrosion resistant coatings that are recommended for use where a high performance, chemically resistant coating is desired.

Decorative Painting

We are also involved in fine decorative painting with taste ranging from classical to whimsical, from rustic to high modern design and everything in between.

Surface Preparation for Industrial Painting

It's one of the most fundamental lessons a painter learns when they start out: "Never paint a dirty surface." It doesn't matter if you're painting your kitchen or a five-thousand square foot structure of steel, concrete and plastic; proper surface preparation is the key to any quality paint and coatings job.

We've learned our lessons well here at Ashish Enterprise. It's the reason we provide state-of-the-art surface preparation for nearly every type of surface that holds paint. With more than twenty seven years of experience and the latest in abrasive blasting equipment, we can tackle any size project using an assortment of media that includes grit, slag, sand, and steel shot. We also utilize specialized media-recycling equipment to keep costs down and the job-site clean.

Ashish Enterprise also keeps its workers trained and certified in the latest techniques and surface preparation safety procedures. In doing so, we ensure a swift, efficient experience that moves your project forward quickly. After all, the faster we get that surface ready, the quicker we can start the work of coating it.

Surface preparation is an essential first step on any big industrial painting and coating project. Make sure that step is pointed in the right direction by contacting Ashish Enterprise, and let's get started together.

Sand/Shot Blasting

When metal surfaces need to look new again, sandblasting is a time-tested method of surface preparation. Ashish Enterprise has experience with various blast media and years of experience with this method of surface preparation.

We own our own sandblasting equipment, including Air Compressors, dust collectors, reclaiming units and industrial vacs. This means that we get to your project quickly, so we can get started quickly. It also means less time spent with your asset out of commission and increased savings, since we’re not passing you the bill for expensive equipment rental fees.

We also make sure the operators of our sandblasting equipment are familiar with the latest industry techniques and SSPC sandblasting standards. Our staff maintains a long list of industrial painting certifications, including surface preparation techniques pertaining to various blast media, filtering, recycling and dust collection.

High-pressure Water Jetting

The shine of the steel, the brilliance of the paint, the overall beauty of new construction is always a joy to behold. Eventually, however, that original luster fades, and the dirt and mildew that collects over time can not only lead to permanent staining, but also open the door to corrosion later in a commercial or industrial property’s life.

At Ashish Enterprise, we know that nothing cleans quite like water, especially when it’s blasted from our specialized jetting equipment. We can eliminate mold, grease, oil and grime from concrete, structural steel, pipelines and storage tanks quickly and efficiently with our ultra-high pressure water (UHP) jetting services.

UHP water jetting isn’t just a cleaning service. Our equipment has the power to strip away old paint and finishes from nearly any material. In doing so, we’re preparing that surface for its next phase, whether it's fireproofing, waterproofing, a brand new interior lining or just a simple fresh coat of paint.


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